Commercial Photography for Businesses - Why it's important

In a world driven by social media and online shopping – and one where there’s nearly infinite choice in the brands and products we support – it’s more critical than ever for businesses to stand out. The competition is stiff, so that means using everything in your toolbox to connect with an audience and distinguish yourselves. Commercial photography is perhaps the most essential, although it remains thoroughly underrated and underrecognized. Out of the loop, yourself? Here are five reasons why professional commercial photography can be a complete gamechanger for you and your company.

Good Photography Catches Customer Attention

Here’s the thing: as a brand, you’ve got very little time to inspire interest in a potential customer. According to psychology, we form our first impressions within 7 seconds, and those first impressions tend to stick with us no matter what information we take in following these initial observations. You’ve got to be on the ball ready to convince them that you have something of value to offer, and that already makes your job remarkably tough. But that’s not considering how hard it is even to get their attention in the first place.

Thanks to scrollable new media (Instagram, anyone?) and our culture’s insistence on bombarding us with advertising practically non-stop, we’ve grown incredibly adept at tuning it all out. That means you’ve got to fight past those defences. The easiest way to do that? Commercial photography. High quality photography draws the eye and capture our focus far more than a block of text ever could. They show rather than tell, something that’s a serious key to success. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so use that to your advantage. Post photos early and often.

5 reasons why Commercial Photography is Important for your business - next level commercial photography by GhostCat.
The Manchester Bee - © GhostCat

Memorable Imagery Improves Brand Awareness

As we said before, standing out in the ever-growing crowd and over-saturated Manchester market isn’t a simple task, especially when you’re delivering a common product or service. Anything within a niche instantly cultivates better brand awareness because you’re naturally more memorable. That’s not a luxury most companies have, however. If you fall into this camp, you’re going to have to put more effort into getting your company out there for all to see, and commercial images are a big part of that.

This partially relates to what we were previously mentioning. Capturing attention is indeed the first step to promoting your brand, and since images are more effective, it makes sense to focus on that early. Although, it’s not just about drawing people in with pretty colors and gorgeous composition – it’s also about showcasing what your brand is all about. Do you sell clothes, and if so, what kind? Do you offer haircutting services, bookkeeping, or something else entirely? Then show them, display this in a professional manner. They’ll then instantly be able to tie something tangible to your company, keeping your company recognisable and planting the seeds for later purchases or business down the road.

5 reasons why Commercial Photography is Important for your business - next level commercial photography by GhostCat.
Commercial Photography in London for The Connaught Hotel - © GhostCat

Commercial Photography for Businesses Enhances Value and Perception

Commercial photography’s effect on brand recognition isn’t anything to just shrug off. That can create massive changes for a company, getting it into the public eye where it might have once been struggling or at least bringing an even greater audience to it than it had before. However, you should also be aware that it does more than merely pulling in curious eyes. It can also wholly morph the perception of your company – for better or for worse.

Showcase even a couple of low-quality pictures or ones that questionably portray your products or services, and your reputation can take a massive hit overnight. On the flip side, of course, having images that are high-quality, professional, and positive in their portrayals can instantly win you favor, and favor that could be the difference between your business flourishing or drowning. Is it necessarily fair? Definitely not.

Just good quality photos alone cost a pretty penny, not to mention advertising and media savvy, and a myriad of other factors. That unfairly stacks the odds in favor of already larger, more well-off companies while severely hurting smaller businesses. However, if you can find the resources required to make these photos work, you can seriously set yourself up for success down the road. A better-looking brand and a more positively viewed one equals one that’ll thrive.

5 reasons why Commercial Photography is Important for your business - next level commercial photography by GhostCat.
Hair Salon Photography in Manchester for The Studio - © GhostCat

Great People Photography Encourages Authentic Connection

Perception, attention, awareness: they’re all cornerstones of good business, and the right photos can ensure you check off each box. However, there’s a little secret that matters than all three combined, and that’s an authentic connection with your audience. Notice the operative word “authentic.” Potential customers and returning alike can sniff out insincerity like cats can sniff out catnip, and trying to fool them under a guise is the quickest way to business ruin.

But if you can forge something genuine with them, you’ll have devoted customers who are willing to look past the other stuff, shrugging off potential missteps, poor image quality, or poor social media management as minor fumbles rather than more serious offenses. Helpful in any market, it’s especially beneficial in Manchester and Cheshire because of the sheer amount of competition. Any leg up you can get is a fantastic win.

You can’t get there with just any images, though. You’ll need photos that truly show off who your company is rather than just what it is. Your audience wants to see what your values are, your priorities, and your ambitions. They want to see your company’s creativity and culture come through, and they’re surely not going to see that with a few generic stock photos. Only the best, most authentic, and “real” will fly here. Whether you show off moments captured at community events, interactions with customers, or candid shots of employees hard at work, give them something they can feel connected to.

5 reasons why Commercial Photography is Important for your business - next level commercial photography by GhostCat.
Website Photography for Loc's Taste of Vietnam - © GhostCat

Optimised Website Photography Improves Search Engine Optimization

Last but certainly not least, commercial photography is crucial because it can improve your SEO, improving your rankings in Google and guaranteeing you can get found easier by both those seeking you out and those who are in your target market. The more photos you have on your site and the more optimized they are, the better you’ll perform.

Beyond just attracting people to your company over another (which is, admittedly, incredibly important all on its own), you’ll also soon find your sales figures and ROI increase. Partly due to increased viewership on popular search engines and partly due to photography’s direct link with consumers’ willingness to buy, you’re truly covered on every side here. Just be sure to upload high-quality work, add product descriptions when applicable, and you’ll be good to go.

5 reasons why Commercial Photography is Important for your business - next level commercial photography by GhostCat.
Personal Branding Photography Cheshire for Zehra - © GhostCat
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