Promotional Videos For Businesses - The Benefits

In a world where almost any field seems over saturated, it is more important than ever for businesses to stand out. One quick way for a business to blend in and be ignored is by using plain, low quality, and unoriginal marketing content. Luckily, there are experts out there who can provide this service for companies and in turn generate more business. This article will dive into the benefits of creative, original media content for any brand or business.

Promotional videos and other content can be extremely powerful for businesses. Here are some of the reasons why promotional videos for businesses are so important in modern marketing, and why it is in your best interest as a business owner or brand to invest in high quality promotional video content.

Promo Video - The Human Element

As mentioned earlier, many fields feel oversaturated and it can be easy to become just another face in the crowd, or should I say just another account on Instagram! One of the biggest benefits of having a promotional video is that your brand or company becomes humanised. Instead of just reading a website, the consumer is now watching a video with real people, giving the brand a MEMORABLE face to your name. With a promotional video, the personality of the brand can shine through more easily and clearly than just over text or just using a stock video that your competitors may also be using. Having a human element to your brand, as well as your customers getting a good sense of who you are and your personality as a company will make you memorable and stand out amongst the crowd.

Consuming Video Content is Easy

Another reason promotional videos work for companies is ease. It’s easy to watch a short video, or share it on social media or with a friend – it’s easy to get the general idea of what your brand is trying to convey. For a customer likely seeing this content on their phone or computer, it is not easy to just read a wall of text. With a video, your business or brand can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, and trust that most of it was seen or heard – and as we said before video is proven to be more memorable for longer. It takes virtually zero effort from the viewer and in turn they are provided a quick and interesting way to receive information from you. Media like Instagram stories, reels or TikToks are an excellent example of this. Short videos grab and keep attention, as it takes more effort to stop watching a video than it does to just keep watching. If the video is on your website, it can also keep viewers on the page longer, driving more traffic.

Promotional Video for Businesses - next level commercial videography by GhostCat.
Promotional Video for Personal Trainer Belly™ by Rachael - © GhostCat

Promotional videos for businesses can make an amazing first impression

First impressions are extremely important, as you can only make one once. If the first impression of your company is a creative, high quality, promotional video, your customers will feel like your product will also have that level of quality to it. This first impression is extremely valuable to customers who have not had the chance to try your product or service yet. Since they cannot go off of prior experience with you, they have to rely on other things when making the decision of what to buy or use. Having professional marketing materials, created by people who know what the customer wants and created specifically for your company can greatly impact a purchase being made or not. Here’s an example: if you go out to a restaurant and the service staff are rude, the table is dirty, and the menu is hard to read, you have already formed a bad opinion on the establishment before the food has even reached your table. However, if you walk in, feel welcomed, notice the beauty and cleanliness of the restaurant, and enjoy the aesthetic of the menu, you are walking into the meal with a much better attitude and higher hopes. You trust that with all the effort put into the experience, the product will also be high quality. Branding, marketing materials, and any media are all important in giving the consumer a favourable first impression so that they purchase your product.

Leave the stock footage for your competitors

While the internet has countless options for premade videos, stock photos, or generic materials, that sadly won’t cut it. As mentioned earlier, these videos are meant to help the company and brand stand out amongst countless others. But you won’t stand out if you’re using stock video footage that isn’t unique to you or your brand, doesn’t capture the personality of your business and most importantly, that many other brands are likely also using.

Promotional Video for Businesses - next level commercial videography by GhostCat.
Promotional Video for Personal Trainer Belly™ by Rachael - © GhostCat

Promotional Videos For Businesses - Capture Customers Attention Quickly

In this age of high technology usage and low attention spans, it is crucial for businesses to have high quality promotional marketing materials and promotional video, or a wider video content strategy is a vital element of that. Not only will it make your brand stand out, but can increase sales, drive more traffic to the site, and give your customers something they can share with the friends – your other potential customers, so the marketing effort becomes more passive. Bonus!

Promotional Video for Businesses - next level commercial videography by GhostCat.
Promotional Video for Personal Trainer Belly™ by Rachael - © GhostCat

Make yourself memorable with promo videos for your business

While those are the biggest advantages of using promotional media content, the list is not exhausted there. Other benefits and reasons to have promotional video in your marketing mix include increasing your search visibility – Google indexes videos now, giving yourself the upper hand against competitors without this type of content, educating your audience way more comprehensively than text can, and as we’ve mentioned a few times it gives your marketing PERSONALITY and makes you more MEMORABLE.

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