GhostCat Website

Manchester Business Website - next level website design and development in Manchester by GhostCat

Narcisissm alert! Well kind of… Yes of course this is our website, the very website you’re using right now so why would we bother putting our own website into the showcase? Well, because it’s a showcase all of itself and we’re very proud of it. When we set out to create this website we wanted […]

Sam Docker

Business Portrait Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

It’s always insanely flattering when other photographers and other creatives ask me to take their headshots, and that’s what happened here when the wedding photographer Sam Docker wanted to refresh his headshots for his business profiles. Business Portrait Photography, commonly referred to as headshots, is about more than just getting ‘a nice photo of you […]

Shelly Mantovani

Editorial Portrait Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

People need portraits these days for all sorts of reasons. Shelly, who is a fellow creative soul and part time property developer was having her latest house project featured in an interiors property magazine, so she needed some editorial portraits (you can call them headshots if you like!) to go with that feature. She also […]

Nina Conti

Live Theatre Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Nina Conti is one of the most famous entertainers in Britain, with probably her comedy ventriloquism being the most well known. I was fortunate to be asked to capture her for this live theatre stage show where she had the audience roaring with laughter throughout with her entirely unique brand of stage comedy. Live theatre […]

Ben Portsmouth

Live Music Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

It’s not often you get to capture one of the world’s greatest Elvis impersonators and Ben Portsmouth is just that! In fact he has won the title of “Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, Elvis’ home for so long. And having now seen and photographed him live […]

The Bootleg Beatles

Live Music Photography Manchester (Bootleg Beatles) - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Alright massive fan-boy moment! I’ve been a HUGE fan of The Beatles since forever. I can’t remember when my obsession began but I remember getting Anthology 1 and obsessing over every single track, especially all the behind the scenes outtakes and extra bits. Free as a Bird is one of my favourite all time Beatles […]

Zehra Jagani

Personal Branding Photography Cheshire - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Personal branding photography has become a huge thing over the last year or two as it’s become so important to inject your personality into your business, especially if you’re a small business or a service where you’re a huge element of what people are buying. Zehra is a wedding photographer and business portrait photographer herself. […]

Tom Harrington

Creative Headshots Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Tom is a great friend of mine, we play tennis regularly (he always wins) and we’ve known each other since I took photos at his wedding! Tom needed a fresh set of creative headshots and wanted to do them in our home city of Manchester, so one crisp sunny (it doesn’t always rain in Manchester) […]

The Studio Manchester

Hair Salon Photography Manchester - The Studio Manchester Northern Quarter by GhostCat Media.

The Studio is a gorgeous hair salon in Manchester that used to be a photography studio – hence its name! We were out roaming the Northern Quarter one day doing some general video/photo practice like we often do and Andrew came out to ask if we’d come back sometime and capture some elements of the […]