Nina Conti

Live Theatre Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Nina Conti is one of the most famous entertainers in Britain, with probably her comedy ventriloquism being the most well known. I was fortunate to be asked to capture her for this live theatre stage show where she had the audience roaring with laughter throughout with her entirely unique brand of stage comedy. Live theatre […]

Ben Portsmouth

Live Music Photography Manchester - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

It’s not often you get to capture one of the world’s greatest Elvis impersonators and Ben Portsmouth is just that! In fact he has won the title of “Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, Elvis’ home for so long. And having now seen and photographed him live […]

The Bootleg Beatles

Live Music Photography Manchester (Bootleg Beatles) - Commercial Photography by GhostCat Media.

Alright massive fan-boy moment! I’ve been a HUGE fan of The Beatles since forever. I can’t remember when my obsession began but I remember getting Anthology 1 and obsessing over every single track, especially all the behind the scenes outtakes and extra bits. Free as a Bird is one of my favourite all time Beatles […]