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Powerful Added Value for Small Businesses

Welcome to the December 2020 edition of the GhostCat eMag! This month I wanted to theme it around added value, because I think while New Year is always a time of opportunity for our businesses, that’s never been truer than 2021.

2021 - The Year of Massive Hope

People are psychologically ready for it to be 2021, almost like 2021 is the antidote to 2020 – it goes way beyond the usual ‘new year, new me’ mantra right into ‘new me, new world’ territory! And remember this isn’t just a financial thing – many people haven’t financially struggled through 2020 (it’s important to remember that when crafting your marketing communications) but almost everyone has struggled with the effects on society and personal relationships, and 2021 is seen as the year of new hope, of rekindling relationships and getting back to ‘normal’.

Added Value doesn't need to cost money

On the other side of the coin of course are us small businesses who for the most part have taken an almighty financial hit in 2020, so finding creative and unique ways to add value are going to be key as we go into the new year as you may not be able to invest at your usual levels. But there are ways to add value to your proposition which don’t cost much, and actually finding these creative and unique ways to add value to your product or service can actually FEEL the most valuable to your customers or clients.

Added Value and your marketing strategy

I’m a HUGE believer in added value as part of a proposition. I like to refer to it as the ‘you didn’t have to do that’ effect. It’s all part of the strategy of turning your customers into real advocates of your brand. So added value should be strategic, tactical and never overlooked as part of your wider marketing strategy.

So let’s dive in to this month’s eMag – and drop me an email or instagram message to let me know what you think!

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